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SGA Rodney Plot Bunny

I've never had a plot bunny before, so be gentle. :) My basic wants, after the bulk of the idea below the cut, is that the story is a Stargate Atlantis fic with Rodney and John as the central characters. I would love it to be slash, but gen is wonderful, too. I'm not a het fan, sorry. I'd really like it to be over 30,000 words if possible, but I'm not hinging on that. Here goes...

Rodney has somehow become stuck in what is some sort of illusion. I don’t know if it is a virtual reality, in his mind, or some sort of weird reality, etc. It is set up like some sort of community where some people he recognizes and some he doesn’t. Rodney’s aware he’s stuck in it, every way he tries to get out, he can’t. Most of the people he meets are constantly trying to get him to eat every bit of his food that is doled out in special quantities at every meal. Rodney being Rodney realizes right off that that is fishy, so the first time he doesn’t eat it and starts to see the people change around him. Their faces start to disappear, their bodies start to look hunched, and he can start to hear this terrible moaning sound coming from them rather than speech. He’s in the community for so long and what he starts to see scares him so badly that he starts taking just enough of the food that the illusion remains stable, and he doesn’t see these disturbing things anymore. Throughout all of this, Sheppard somehow can enter the illusion through one of these “beings that look like people” for short periods of time to tell Rodney they’re working on a way to get him out of whatever it is and to hang on. Oddly enough John finally invades the illusion to tell Rodney that the food is working to help some sort of bacteria grow inside of him like crazy. Rodney having been in the illusion long enough to have observed some things knows this is how people taken into the community are enveloped (I guess?).

As this goes on, the amount of food Rodney eats has to increase, as he’s getting used to it, and he starts seeing more of these things…of what’s really surrounding him all the time under this illusion and it terrifies him. He knows if he eats everything all the community is telling him to eat then he’ll no longer be afraid. The last time John comes to him, Rodney is eating in the community cafeteria, and John tells him the only way he’s going to surface enough to be removed is for Rodney to stop eating the food entirely and then they might be able to get him out. By this time Rodney’s had enough, and he tells John “I think I need to move on, John”. He gets up from the table, and suddenly the John yells his name and the being that was John leaps at him across the table, head swinging every which way, and that moan is very loud in Rodney’s ear. I woke up after that.

Over all I just get the feeling that, one, Rodney’s been in here a long time and is wearing down, and two, he’s terrified of what he sees and doesn’t want to have to really see the whole thing to get out. He gets little hints that these things know and don’t like it the minute he really starts to see them. I suppose the real problem is that to get out, at some point, Rodney's gonna have to see what hellish nightmare the illusion is hiding him from.

That's basically all of the plot I've got. It doesn't matter how he got to this point or how you end it, but bonus if you end it happily. I hope somebody likes this idea. :)