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So rewatching Sontaran Stratagem and Poison Sky but some bunnies for rare or no existent slash pairings jumped out at me.

The first is Ross Jenkins(the UNIT solider who drove the Doctor around) and the Doctor. I've read a few stories with that pairing but there should be more! And no killing the poor boy!!

Okay, now I felt a little sorry for Luke Rattigan, because like the Doctor pointed out the poor boy had never been challenged or discplined. So I would love to see Doctor/Luke*shrugs* I think the Doctor could have helped the young man, especially if Luke had rigged a timer on the device slapped it on and dragged the Doctor off the ship.

The last one that popped into my head while I was watching was between Luke Rattigan and one of his "students". When Luke is holding the gun on everyone there is this cute young man behind him who keep trying to talk to Luke about reality. To me it looks like this unknown guy is heartbroken over watching Luke have a breakdown.

Slashy glasses are dangerous things.

Heroes/Doctor Who Bunny

Heroes Volume 3 and Doctor Who Season 3

It bugged me that Heroes ignored the 'established' rules that if a person goes back in time they must be careful around their youngerselves or bad stuff can happen. Really, there is only one way I can see that Claire didn't destory everything by picking-up baby!Claire, the Paradox Machine from Doctor Who. Adam could have been working with the Master. Or even DarkHair!Claire could be working with a future Master.