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Torchwood/Repo! Bunny

So was listening to my Repo! soundtrack and it dawned on me hearing the song "21st Century Cure" of a perfect crossover bunny! Cause if you all remember Torchwood has a slogan of "The 21st Century is when it all changes and you have to be ready".


What if it wasn't just an alien threat like everyone thought, maybe it was virus that lead to the world seen in Repo! If you read the website and watch the interviews you find out more of the world that is Repo! And what if the creator of Repo! was acutally time traveler who was escaping that time frame and ended-up in ours, maybe in hopes of saving people or maybe they had a bad time travel device. And what if Ianto or Tosh showed Jack Repo! thinking it was clever and become very confused when he gets both pissed/scared. Or maybe it is Jack & John during their time agent days who have to deal with the creator?