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Season 1 Finale of Heroes, All of BtVS, Season 4 of CSI: NY

Pairing: ????

Xander has family that only a few people knew about and they are in danger.

Xander let out a scream from the living room that sent all the slayers in the house running to him. Xander was staring in horror at a news broadcast.


"Mr.Xander, what is wrong? Are we being attacked? Did something happen to the Council Headquarters again?" asked a young Kaylee, the young girl was just barely twelve. She reached up to take Xanders hand, which helped ground him back into the real world and out of his head.


"Oh FUCK! Peter! Nathan! Shit!" said Xander shaking badly.


"Xander! BOYTOY! Snap out of it and tell us what's going on!" said Faith shaking Xander slightly by the shoulders, blocking his view of the tv.


"Oh, Faith, I need to go like now! I just saw my cousin shot on national tv and possibly bleed out in my other cousin's arms. I've got to get to Texas right now!" said Xander frantically.


"Calm down, Boytoy. One of the girl's will pack bags for Spike, Kaylee, you and me. At the same time another will contact Williow about speeding up transportation. So take a deep breath and don't panic. It will be okay. We will make it okay. And then we all will help you find the idiot who dared to harm your family. We will also help you teach that idiot a lesson about harming a Harris," responded Faith.


"Petrelli, my cousins are on my mother's side of the family so the name is Petrelli."


"Petrelli? As in the hottie that won Congressman by a landslide but then stepped down after an injury? That Petrelli family?" asked one of the slayers in shock.