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SGA Rodney Plot Bunny

I've never had a plot bunny before, so be gentle. :) My basic wants, after the bulk of the idea below the cut, is that the story is a Stargate Atlantis fic with Rodney and John as the central characters. I would love it to be slash, but gen is wonderful, too. I'm not a het fan, sorry. I'd really like it to be over 30,000 words if possible, but I'm not hinging on that. Here goes...

Jeff Dunham prison fic

I have had this plot bunny for awhile but can not for the life of me write it myself. In an exchange with Peanut the topic of how Jeff would do in jail came up. And Peanut said that Jeff would quickly become someone's b*tch. Of course that got my perverted mind thinking, 'Someone should write a fic about that!' Anyone up for the challenge?